Gas Card Raffle

Simply fill out the entry form below for your free chance to win a $50.00 gas card. You could easily be our next lucky winner!** Drawings will be held monthly*, so pass the word along!

Gas Card Raffle Rules

1. The gas card raffle is open to residents of United States, Canada, and Mexico (Passport America members and non-members alike).
2. One winner will be selected per month. Winners will be contacted via phone / email. The raffle winner will receive one $50.00 (USD) gas card via regluar mail sent to the address on the entry form.*
3. The winner will be announced at the beginning of each month.
4. Multiple entries will not increase your changes of winning.

* Raffle available to the residents of United States, Canada, and Mexico.
* Limted time offer.
** We at Passport America would love to share your excitement of winning with others and request the winners to send / email us a picture to post on our website.

Gas Card Raffle Form
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